Tauiwi – blogpost 3

Within the novel ‘Tauiwi’ by Ranginui Walker something interesting that I previously didn’t know before is how the word ‘mana’ was not used in the Treaty of Waitangi, and ‘kawantanga’ was put in its place instead. Mana was used in the 1835 declaration of independence and “ kawanatanga did not convey to the Maori a precise definition of sovereignty” (Tauiwi, 91)  The English version of the treaty is not equivalent with the Maori version the chiefs signed. Due to this Maori were unaware of what was being ceded through the translation being incorrect; if aware Chiefs would have never signed away their Mana to the queen. “ They owned their land at the pleasure of the chiefs” (Tauiwi,91) Henry Williams and his son were blamed with writing the incorrect translation, if written correctly the meaning conveyed would be a much more obvious meaning to the term sovereignty instead of governance in which ‘kawanatanga’ conveyed.  This was significant for me as helped me in gaining better understanding of my country the Maori culture within it, and the history it has.


–         Walker, R. (1990) Tauiwi, chapter 5, pg 91






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