Kaupapa and Matauranga maori week 2 blogpost

Within the reading Royal’s “Politics and knowledge: Kaupapa Maori and Matauranga Maori” Kaupapa Maori and Matauranga are commonly mistaken for the same terms although when explored, you become aware of their significant difference . Kaupapa Maori is defined as the values as well as plans of action decided by Maori values which express a set of profound cultural values and world view.  It reflects Maori people’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of Maori society. Alternatively Matauranga Maori focuses towards knowledge and biblical knowledge due to these activities being deeply connected with one another,   brought by Polynesian ancestors , an doesn’t suggest actions in the way that Kaupapa Maori implies ‘plan of action’. It labels a body of knowledge, this doesn’t offer us with what we could do with this body of knowledge, and to a certain extent it ‘frames’ knowledge. Robyn expresses within ‘Five Maori Painters: Robyn Kahukiwa’ her inspiration of Maori’s fight within war for the future of our children, Maori politics and the loss of Maori land. Kaupapa has been applied here as values and views are a huge part of Maori culture whlist Mauranga Maori could be implied here through the idea of how we paint our own reality in life.

Screenshot (11)


  • Five Māori Painters: Robyn Kahukiwa” Youtube, Auckland Art Gallery.  24 Feb 2014, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOdSpSi-YBs
  • Royal, Te Ahukaramü Charles ‘Politics and knowledge: Kaupapa Maori and mätauranga Maori’, New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies. Vol. 47, No. 2, 2012

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