semester 2 assessement 1 blogpost 1: manaakitanga

In the reading ‘Nga Putake o te tikanga’ an instructive view is given on the idea of manaakitanga and the fundamental principles and values it includes. The value of manaakitanga is an important aspect of Maori custom and identity; emphasising generosity, hospitality and respect for different people, groups and cultures. Therefore the maraes focus is to for its hosts are to make visitors feel comfortable and welcomed into a caring environment.  The text reads “All tikanga are underpinned by the high value placed upon Manaakitanga – nurturing relationships, looking after people, and being very careful about how others are treated” (Mead, 29).  Manaakitanga is to be used regardless of the situation, it insures respect among everyone within the community. This is seen as an important value in human relationships to remain in a civilised behavior as stated by the text “an expected standard of behavior, an ideal that one should aspire to reach” (Mead, 28)  Not following manaakitanga is seen as disrespectful and not appropriate behavior, you should treat others as you would want to be treated even if  someone is not displaying you the desired appropriate way that is expected.



Mead, H (2003) Tikanga Maori: Living by Maori Values. NZ, Hui



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