protesters gathering to challenge construction of animal lab at otago university

This protest took place in Dunedin to confront the build of a new animal lab at Otago University.  The main reason this protest happened was to raise awareness to the public of this issue with a variety of animals being tested on here. “As we’ve progressed through this campaign, we’ve noticed that more and more people aren’t even aware that there’s a current animal lab in Dunedin, let alone a whole new one being built,” stated Ms Jackson. This shows what little knowledge the public has about what’s happening in the world around them. At the beginning of the week every animal killed for research in 2015 at the university was represented with 11,000 hearts hung by protesters. Only 1 in every nine animals survive animal test, where did we get the rights to take aware their lives? This protest showed us that people will fight for what’s right but they can only to this if they are aware of what’s happening in the first place.


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