Final Blogpost

                                Sculpture rasing awareness for animal testing

I have created a sculpture of rat with a syringe stabbed into its back; this is to raise awareness for animal cruelty in particular animal testing.  The materiality of the rat responds to the emotions its feeling; it is confused as to why it is being treated in such unnecessary ways. The use of this material has also created gaps throughout the rat making it see through in areas. This emphasises the fact the humans can’t see the pain we are causing them and how mentally and physically drowning it is for these animals in these environments. Wire also shows the deformity the rat suffered in a testing lab. Inside you can see the liquid begin to flow throughout the rat soon to indulge in painful effects such as seizures and tumours developing.  You will notice how the wire has been wrapped around the syringe giving the purpose of representing that the treatments animals go through has become a part of  their everyday lives and therefore a part of them. My colour palette of silver in gold is effective as silver can be seen as less significant than gold, it shows the worth of these animals is less superior to a humans worth. The syringe which is a human device is gold and the rat is silver showing how humans overpower animals for personal benefits.  This sculpture reflects on my topic of animal cruelty bringing awareness to the cause. A deeper meaning was brought to my sculpture through my technique of wrapping and twisting the wire reflecting the emotions of the animal. A laboratory in a cage is no place for an animal especially to spend their entire life. They are being constantly dragged around to endure further pain as humans began to peck at them with their sharp objects, burning creams, etc.  They do these harsh tests on these animals purely for their own benefit. Animals have emotions, there not just intimate objects that have no feeling and they can’t tell us how much pain they’re in. We can’t explain what we’re doing to them and if we could what would we say? Millions of animal die or suffer in laboratories due to animal testing everyday, its time people were made aware and action to be taken to stop it.



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