assessment 3- changing the world, having a say, making a differnece

For my third assessment ‘Te Aro Hurihuri, Changing the world, having a say, making a difference’ I am considering focusing on the topic of animal cruelty.  I want to explore their suffering and what little power they have against human’s actions. Humans are exploiting them for their personal benefit, their lives are being taken away from them and if we don’t do something to stop this, who will?

Animal cruelty is nationwide problem rapidly growing in today’s society. Animals are facing traumatic experiences caused by humans actions as the endure burns, hair loss, rashes and gashes from animal testing; some people even go as far as inserting metal rods through their heads.  Factory farms trap animals in small crowed spaces where they are physically unable to move. Some animals don’t ever get to stand or walk as they are hanged their entire lives for the purpose of keeping their meat as tender as possible for human consumption. They are treated as if they are nothing more than a object without emotions or feelings. Household owners even starve, beat and abuse their pets. They lock them up so they cannot get any exercise, owners refuse to feed them to the point that they are sick and unwell that their suffering overcomes them and they can’t survive any longer. All these punishments they go through take’s animals months even years to recover after what they have been through. people have already began taking action towards this issue such as  rescuing neglected and abandoned animals treating them into recovery,  creating  awareness in online communitites to the issue, and protests have been in place .18578681_10206863064334173_362529855_n 




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