images i could use for assignment 2


Serkan Ozer. ‘Extinction of Caretta Caretta’. 2011, clay, Pera Museum. Behance,

i could use this image for my topic ‘How to shape the natural world’ as this sculpture focuses on raising awareness for extinction. Its brings to peoples attention what our ways are doing to these animals and if we dont start acting soon, extinction will continue to occur with more species being left to die


Takeshi Kawano,+2℃’.  unknown, unknown, Italian communication research center Fabrica. WordPress,

This sculpture is part of a series titled ‘+2that aim to raise awareness on the issue of global warming and the animals whose existence could be threatened as a result. i could include this in my topic as it shows how   the animal world that is disappearing and literally melting away as these 2 penguins melt away together as a result of our impact on climate change.


Linda Mackey. Dinner in the distance. 2010, oil on canvas. unknown. Linda Dawn Lang,

I could include this painting in my topic as it shows the effects on climate change on animals with the polar bear looking back at where it once lived, its home litterly melted away due to climate change. It can no longer reach its food as it is to dangerous for it due to water, where ice once was blocks its way.


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