The Cindy Sherman show -Linking

Untitled #425. 2004 (179.7 x 228 cm)


This work of Sherman’s is from her clowns series labelled Untitled #425. 2004. At first I see 4 clowns, 3 are up close staring at me in the face like they’re about to attack with large smiles on their faces. They are as if they have been shoved right up in front of you as the clowns society wants you to see. However my eyes were instantly drawn to the fourth clown who is in the background, forgotten and left alone looking frightened. The clowns up close overpower the clown in the background who is sacred unlike the clowns up close look like the clowns to be scared of. Clowns are usually seen as a social outsider and in this image we see that in the clown in the background. The clown is completely separated from all the other clowns having a great time. This photograph to me shows that we as humans feel an endless range of emotions and that they can shift from one to another in a split second and that in the face of tragedy we all react differently. Even though some people move on faster from a tragic event for others it scar’s them for a lifetime. Unlike other photographs in the series the background is quite plain instead of filled with bright colour, which I think may represent the clowns feelings who has been left behind in the background. Everyone loves colour but when something is plain humans get bored easily and they just forget about it like this forgotten clown.

I love the way although Sherman is completely aware of what she wants people to understand from her works. Each photograph is left untitled so that the viewer can come up with their own interpretation behind her work.Through her skilful masquerade, she has created an astonishing body of work that amuses, titillates, disturbs and shocks.”  Quote sourced from the Cindy Sherman lecture at City Gallery.


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