The Cindy Sherman Show experience

 Screenshot (9) A Moment on the trip to see ‘The Cindy Sherman show’ at the City Gallery that was significant to me was the room full of clowns. Instantly you a filled with a sense of people watching you as you enter the room; surrounded by clowns staring you down. The large scale of these images emphasised this sense of being stared down; they made you feel slightly imitated and overpowered by their sheer scale. This gives off a slightly uncomfortable feel but also gives you the sense of wanting to know more about them. Through this I also felt Excitement entering this room, personally I have no fear of clowns although many do and seeing how Sherman has used people’s fears in her work was unusual. You don’t see clowns often as they are seen as social outsiders being used in many horror movies. People usually stay away from the idea of them. As Sherman says “Clowns have an underlying sense of sadness while they’re trying to cheer people up.” The Clowns represent that the funniest people are the most miserable inside as with a clown they are sad but their makeup is put on them to make them look happy. They have a very deep meaning behind them and seeing them being used made me all the more excited to find out more about them.




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