Cindy Sherman-Reflecting

Cindy had lived in New York for decades; she made her series ‘Clowns’ after the 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre. In context she used clowns to display the inexpressible emotions of everyday New Yorkers following this tragic event .What I found significant about Cindy Sherman’s clown room at the City Gallery was how clowns can express extreme emotions with your typical clowns including happy, sad, and scary.  Sherman wanted to give an impression of background that can only be found in your head. In other words she wanted you, the viewer to experience her Clowns through your life and experiences, how they make you feel?  What emotions not only they have but what emotions are brought to you. The colours may be bright and happy but we can definitely engage with the dark depths of clowns.  Sherman loved the idea of clowns being “psychotically happy”, even when extremely sad. With this idea in mind, it was only right that Sherman decided to mime the creepy entertainers for her Clowns series.  “I came to clowns,” she says, “to show the complex emotional abysses of a painted smile.” This expressed how someone can have so much pain inside them yet still show a fake smile on their face. She shows people that Clowns are not just this scary entertainer used for kid’s birthday parties and horror movies from the creepy vibe they give off but also that there is actually a lot more behind them. Therefore she expresses the emotions of these New Yorkers through her clown series with their body language and facial expressions and helps you to understand the pain people went through during this tragic event.


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